Sorry folks. Been dragging ass on updates here. What is new. Hmm, Well I have just been working on things while I can. Juggling work, Animation Mentor, Painting, Working on the Ottoman, and trying to hang out with my niece and nephew while I can haha. It is a difficult thing. I don’t want anything to get left behind, you know? But unfortunately, I believe it is going to happen. Something has got to give.

I finally managed to take my Bike out for a serious spin this weekend. So I drove down to the Marriott in Ventura by the State Beach, and parked, and took my bike along the path from there all the way to Emma Wood Beach in Ventura. It was about 4 miles or so and then I made it about 2 miles back before I broke the stupid thing, grrr. That’s what I get for buying a shitty Wal-Mart Bike for 80 bucks I guess :P .

I’ve been working on my AM stuff and man I picked a tough shot this week. I have a drunken stumble. What I turned in on Saturday was crap though. The first half is good, bu the second half sucks so hard, and my Mentor knows it haha. So I spent yesterday redoing that half and it’s definitely coming in better. He had some good ideas which I am trying to implement now, but it’s tough because I have to do half of last week’s work and this week’s  work in one week. Oh well. This happens though, I go through a week of AM where I kind of drag ass and then a week were I try to get started early and things go well. Now if only I could do that ALL the time.

Lastly, I have managed to find some time to continue on with my painting of Kelly. I need some more models for some of my ideas that way when I’m done with this painting I have something to just get started on. I have some strange ones haha. So here is what I have been doing with the painting as I have started the process of glazing.


So I’ve laid down a light skin glaze as well as a glaze for the dress and hair. The problem is that this is very boring so far. I don’t want to just paint a black background like I always do, I want to try to make it more interesting. I mean that is why I added the knife. I was thinking of putting blood on it and her dress perhaps, but we will see. There has to be something dead I suppose, and then some kind of background which will take some time and thought as I have never really done and actual background before :/.

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