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So after taking Last Wednesday off and having a 3 Day Weekend, I have managed to get recharged and begin being slightly more productive. It started with a trip to the Chumash Casino where I won 40 dollars at blackjack. Saturday was spent doing nothing, while Sunday was a Graduation Party, which was interesting. Serbian family, and they are pretty into it haha. Monday I went over to Justin’s and finally got to break in my new bike on a nice little area. Definitely showed me I was out of shape haha. Afterwards we barbecued some Burgers and played some Call of Duty.

This week I have sort of fit myself into a pretty good schedule at the moment. Work from 9-5, Then usually play some Rugby or go to the Gym for an Hour, hour and a half, come home around 7, work on Homework for 2-3 hours, Paint for a little while, then organize my room a bit, shower, then bed. It is a good routine because it gives me time to do lots of things but not neglect things, you know?

It has been vital to clean my room up a bit. Basically, I had no place to put my clean clothes. They were literally sitting on the recliner. So I had to box up a bunch of books on this bookshelf that were my dad’s old books.Then I emptied my drawers which were home to my DVD Collection. Transferred them to the Bookshelf and then the clothes to the drawers.

The next problem was I have a slew of books myself. The way My other bookshelf was situated in such a way that made the last shelf unuseable since it was hidden behind my Guitar Amp. I also have my Drums stacked beside my easel. So I swapped the drums with the bookshelf and Ta-Daa! That helped get rid of my book problem.  It still has a ton of work to go but I’m making progress.

Speaking of progress, I have made some progress on the painting. I have decided to have Kelly standing in front of a doorway. Originally I was going to have a dead body there, but I thought it would be odd because its like…why paint this? What’s the point to it? who’s the dead body? Are people going to think I am some macabre emo artist? Fuuuuuck that. So instead, I decided to do something silly instead. I like putting what you expect next to something you wouldn’t expect. Since she lookes like shes just done something wrong, and holding a knife(soon to be knife covered in some red) you would think she has committed a murder. The victim…shall be a Pie on the floor in pieces, bleeding. It makes me laugh, and that’s about all that matters to me I guess….sounds selfish, but I mean…I like the idea, so I will run with it. I like humor, and Art can be funny. It can be funny and have a message…not that this piece has a message. Anyway here is where we are at.


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So, I took today off of work which is nice. I needed a day off. Not like a Holiday(whoo hoo for Memorial day on Monday), but like just a day off. So I took today off for a few reasons. One I was a bit burned out as I haven’t had a day off since October last year. The second reason was because I decided to work in Maya for this next Animation Mentor assignment, and I really needed to spend the time to get used to working in Maya(can’t say I like it still :P ). Third, Season 9 of Dragon Ball Z came out Yesterday, so I gotta watch that :D . I know it makes me a loser, but I don’t care.

So let’s see what else is new since Friday. Friday I went to Stuft Pizza in Thousand Oaks with some friends of mine to get some dinner before the Class of 2008 Reunion. So some Stuft Stix and beer was consumed before moseying across the street to Sunset Terrace at the Janss Marketplace. It was nice to see some old faces and stuff, see how people were doing and stuff. After a couple hours, we went to PJ’s right by Cal Lutheran which wasn’t quite as good, but oh well.

Then on Saturday I had to wake up really early and drive to LA to help my friend Karli as she was Art Directing this TV Show. Going to bed at 3:30 the night before and waking up at 7:20 didn’t make it enjoyable at all haha. The only good thing about it is that I could now say I’ve been inside a Porno studio, which…Is something unique to say the least haha.(And screwing with my friends making them think I went to star in a porno was fun too). After two hours of Traffic I was cursing all that was LA. I came home and worked on my assignment.

Then Sunday I went out with some new friends to Yamato Sushi in Camarillo. We went for Karaoke and drinks. It was nice to meet some new people. I ended up going out with them again last night, but left early as I wasn’t feeling all that great. But it was nice to see them all and say bye to Marissa before she goes to Australia.

This leads me to today. Today, I woke up at 9:45 which is a nice change from 8AM. I threw on some DBZ(which I bought yesterday thus completing both my loserdom and collection of the series) and got to work on my blocking for the assignment. It’s….coming along I guess. I’m on a break right now, watching my show and I also took my new, sweet ass bike out for a spin around the house…I really like it so far. Now, I’m going to go to Urbane Cafe and get me some club sandwhiches, and relax for a couple of hours, and maybe clean my brushes before going back to work. Today is a very nice day, just what I needed.

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Something I have been dealing with lately is how to unwind. Normally, you either work, and then come home to relax and get other things done, or you go to school and do the same. It sucks when you have both work and School.

The reason why it sucks is you can’t really relax. That’s what I am encountering lately. I wake up at 8AM, go to work at 8:20, arrive at 8:50, work from 9-5. Come home and from 6-11 I work on School stuff. It’s what could be called, a rut. I find it hard because, I want to well at Animation Mentor, but it requires a lot of work and a lot of dedication, and you have to keep at it otherwise you will continually doubt yourself. It’s always better to work ahead than to work from behind.

The problem is all the other things I like doing get hindered. I haven’t painted in like 2 weeks. I haven’t hung out with friends in like 3, and it’s because “I have homework”. I know I have to be diligent, so I keep at it. Weekends are the only real free time I get really, which is just not enough.

That always leads to doubt. It makes me think, “Do I have what it takes? Am I going to be able to get a job after this or is it another 18k out of my pocket to go with the many many other from CLU?” I cannot leave it up to chance! I gotta get up off my ass and work hard at this! I guess I need to stop coasting. I’m coasting all over the place you know? WORK! DO WORK! BAH!

This is a good insight to how my brain works. I have a good weekend, like this past weekend, I get excited, stoked on things, but then the week sucks. The week doesn’t go well. Not that it was a bad week, just that it was a dull week. Then I begin to doubt myself.  Then I think about busting my ass, and thentry to get motivated again.

I need to just ride high right now and live life. Life is a balancing act. Sometimes we just have work and home, sometimes we have many other things we are balancing. Today, I find myself balancing Work, School, Art, and trying to live life to the fullest.

Having said that, I ordered a new bike the other day…a GOOD bike. Not some piece of shit Wal-Mart Bike that I break after riding once….at least that’s what I am hoping :D . I bought a Specialized Hardrock Sport Disc from Michael’s Bicycles in Newbury Park for 627 dollars total. Could I have found the bike for cheaper? Yes, but I went into Michael’s looking for some input on what would be a good bike for me. Mike is a good guy and was very informative and absolutely no pressure.  He informed me what a 6’3″ 250lbs man should ride.  Offered a suggestion close to my price range, and since he is a similar build, hearing that he himself has one and rides it was good. He told me they also offer free tune-ups for life which is nice.

So I went and researched a little bit online and found pretty good reviews about it. And decided to just pay the full price at Michael’s. I’m happy to pay a little extra for great service like I received there. That coupled with the lifetime tuneups was enough that made me go back the next day and buy it.

Now, the plan is to take my bike with Justin and go camping and biking. I’m pretty pumped about it. Anyway, I’m back in a good mood, and with tomorrow night bringing the CLU Class of 2008 1 year reunion, I think it can be a good night. Saturday I will be spending all day Helping my friend Karli with Art Directing a couple of Webisodes for a Show.  I better leave while I’m still feeling so positive. Gotta go take a shower and go to bed. Cheers

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It’s Mothers Day, so I thought I’d take the time to wish all you mothers a Happy Mothers Day, specifically to My Mother, and for all you new moms out there congrats on being eligible for a new holiday! :)

Here’s an update on where I’m at with my 2nd Class 2 Assignment for Animation Mentor.

It’s a drunken Stumble. I’m thinking at the end there, he will be puking. We shall see. Anyway, yeah that’s that. I had a good weekend with friends on Saturday, and time with my family on Sunday which is good.

Also, I know I’ve mentioned it before, but I seriously love Andrew W.K. His Album Close Calls with Brick Walls is so wild and amazing in it’s diversity. This week, I aim to work out, work on homework, paint, and hang out with some people if I can, and maybe look into buying a new bike since I broke my old one.

Anywho, once again, Happy Mothers day to all of you.

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Sorry folks. Been dragging ass on updates here. What is new. Hmm, Well I have just been working on things while I can. Juggling work, Animation Mentor, Painting, Working on the Ottoman, and trying to hang out with my niece and nephew while I can haha. It is a difficult thing. I don’t want anything to get left behind, you know? But unfortunately, I believe it is going to happen. Something has got to give.

I finally managed to take my Bike out for a serious spin this weekend. So I drove down to the Marriott in Ventura by the State Beach, and parked, and took my bike along the path from there all the way to Emma Wood Beach in Ventura. It was about 4 miles or so and then I made it about 2 miles back before I broke the stupid thing, grrr. That’s what I get for buying a shitty Wal-Mart Bike for 80 bucks I guess :P .

I’ve been working on my AM stuff and man I picked a tough shot this week. I have a drunken stumble. What I turned in on Saturday was crap though. The first half is good, bu the second half sucks so hard, and my Mentor knows it haha. So I spent yesterday redoing that half and it’s definitely coming in better. He had some good ideas which I am trying to implement now, but it’s tough because I have to do half of last week’s work and this week’s  work in one week. Oh well. This happens though, I go through a week of AM where I kind of drag ass and then a week were I try to get started early and things go well. Now if only I could do that ALL the time.

Lastly, I have managed to find some time to continue on with my painting of Kelly. I need some more models for some of my ideas that way when I’m done with this painting I have something to just get started on. I have some strange ones haha. So here is what I have been doing with the painting as I have started the process of glazing.


So I’ve laid down a light skin glaze as well as a glaze for the dress and hair. The problem is that this is very boring so far. I don’t want to just paint a black background like I always do, I want to try to make it more interesting. I mean that is why I added the knife. I was thinking of putting blood on it and her dress perhaps, but we will see. There has to be something dead I suppose, and then some kind of background which will take some time and thought as I have never really done and actual background before :/.

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