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Hows it goin? For me, it’s been going ok. All 3 of my bosses have have gone to Vegas for the NAB conference. So that’s lead to a fairly dull week at work with nothing new really to report. I did a wee bit of painting tonight, nothing special. I threw some Phtalo blue glaz over the shadows of my painting to help give them some depth and darken them up a little bit. It’s about time for glazing which is fun but can be troublesome. Anywho, here’s what I’ve got so far.


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I’m listening to an album I haven’t heard in a while. This Album is one of the first 2 albums I ever bought on iTunes. The album is Live at Zed Records by Das Klown. A great album. The title of this website “Die With Your Boots On” is from a Das Klown song. I mean I know it’s somewhat famous phrase, but I was introduced it by Das Klown. So the title of this post is called Eye Kill which is the first song on the album and it’s a good one…just thought I’d mention that randomly.

So with a quarter of the office out in Vegas for NAB, and  a very slow day(calls and emails) I managed to find a good chunk of time to work on my assignment which is good. I don’t think I’m finalizing it this week, just getting it out of blocked mode and continuing to break it down more. It’s coming along fairly well.

If you’re familiar with the Days of the week(the rugby Days of the week), then you know that Saturday’s a Rugby day. Today was CLU’s Alumni Match. It was good to be able to PLAY rugby instead of just watching. However I am definitely out of shape as far as my cardio is concerned. We didn’t have enough people for a full match so we played 4 quarters. Quarters 1 and 3 were 13′s(as in 13 on each team). Quarters 2 and 4 were 10′s(10 on each team). It was fun. For the 3rd Quarter we swapped forwards as backs and backs as forwards and you realize that backs have the easy life haha. Anyway it was good fun with the rugby players. The score was 77-70, with the Sexy Purple Stripes team(the team I played on) won over the Yellow and Purple Pittbulls. Clearly our Defence was shoddy and if you caught a fast break you had like a 78% chance of scoring.  Because of that, I managed to score a try which was cool. Here are some choice pictures from the match taken by my friend Karli on the sidelines.

Now I’m off to Justin’s to chill, eat some Mexican Food from Rudy’s, and drink a Miller High Life in his Jacuzzi. It’s going to be a good night :) .

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Is Thursday Really almost over? Shit. I’m so far behind. I got a lot of work to do on my Animation Mentor Assignment and I haven’t uploaded anything for comments from my peers, I haven’t commented on my peers, I haven’t painted, blaaaaaah! It’s this damn cold I swear it. Stuffing up my nose, making me hate life. Oh well.

Instead of buckling down and doing all of that tonight…I’m going to go to the CLUFest show and then go bowling with some friends…It’s going to be tough cause I have a long way to go for my assignment and not a lot of time. I got bowling tonight, probably a barbeque tomorrow night, and Saturday I have an Alumni Rugby Match. So I guess I better get cracking right now.


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It’s about time for a little Animation Mentor Update, aye? So this past week was about blocking our shot. Week 1 was filming some reference based off of a list of ideas. I have decided to Keep it Simple Stupid and go with a Sidestep.

The biggest problem with the Sidestep has been the frame limit of 100-200 frames. It does not take 4 seconds to do a sidestep. So I had to split it into 2 sidesteps which almost looks like one of the glide exercises of the 90′s. Anywho, here’s where my blocking:

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Just wanted to wish you all a Happy Easter. Hope your time with friends and family is good, and better than mine as I am stuck in bed with a Cold. Adios!

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I had another weird dream and like a fool I did not write it down. Here are the fragments I can hardly remember.

I was visiting my friend Derek(who I just hung out with the day before) and met a bunch of his family(I’ve met a bunch of his family already) who turned out to be Italian and or German(He’s Japanese and Irish haha). I remember an old old lady who was like his Great Aunt or something. Anyway, we were driving around and We went off this high cliff and the jeep did a backflip and landed in some water. Derek jumped out of the car before it hit the water, but I just stayed in and did what I learned on Mythbusters and just let the car fill, opened the door and swam out.

That was it. Interesting thing is that once again…I was in a Jeep that took a huge drop…very strange.

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Man alive, have I been keeping busy. So this weekend, I was thinking I would get to travel down to San Diego to watch the CLU Rugby Team at playoffs since they went 7-0. However, I found out on Tuesday due to some reason’s I’m not sure of, something about a form being turned in late, that they technically had to forfeit some matches. Personally, I think it’s pretty much bullshit, especially since I heard that because they rescheduled for Occidental that if they hadn’t and just forced them to forfeit, they would get to go. I think fair is fair and if you don’t turn in forms, penalties can be handed down, but I dunno…I hope CLU still gets the League title this year, since as they beat every team fair and square, and of all the games I saw, CLU played a clean game whereas most teams do shit like hands in the ruck. Whatever, Knights can hang their heads high because you beat every team out there and whatever the league says doesn’t mean much since you settled everything on the field with legit players and everything. So congrats to you all, and Seniors, way to go out on top.

So, with not going to San Diego I suddenly had a wide open week/weekend. Animation Mentor Class 2 started. My mentor is named Shaun Freeman. He’s an Australian and a pretty cool guy it seems. Our first Q&A was pretty rough due to connection problems that he swears will be fixed next time. Our assignment this week is to film some video reference for a shot from a list. I have it narrowed down to either jumping and spinning 180, or taking a large side step. I’m about to finish it up now that I think about it. I will put it on here when I’m done.

It was a rather slow week at work which was kind of nice as it helped me finish up some work on a project I don’t think I’ve mentioned on here. I’ve been asked to help out on a Short Film called The Ottoman( It has been a very cool project as it has helped me meet some new people, make some good contacts and such. I’ve been working with 2 smart Cinema Riggers in Orestis Konstantinidis and Charles Wardlaw. It is nice to be able to bounce ideas off of them like I am able to with Kai at work. Those three are probably three of the top 5 riggers in Cinema 4D I would imagine(with the Wipix guys probably filling the final 2 slots). Anyway, I have been working on some Previs Rigs for 4 characters and the slow week helped me finish them(or so I thought). They are about 90% done. There’s a feature that has been giving me a shit ton of grief in that of Dynamic Parenting. I have 1 working solution for it(at least I believe it works.) but it’s not very useable as it involves animating on multiple controllers for a single arm which makes tweaking F-Curves next to impossible, but currently I’m just not able to make it work. I think once I have those done I’m finished with the previs rigs and can move onto other things(challenges).

Ontop of that, I have begun another painting of my peer student Kelly. I had primed 2 panels and was itching to get something on one of them. After battling some printer problems, I managed to get it started. It was of an image of her to really just test out the lighting. And the lighting is good so I went for it. I’m still working on the grisailles layer. I’m pretty pleased with most of it, except for the neck up(as is usual). I want to get it like perfect before I begin my glazing. Here is a slightly dated picture.


I’ve gone ahead and added a layer of burnt sienna on it…I think it was that color. I get it mixed up a lot. I just needed something to do besides wait. I’ve been trying to just work on stuff instead of being a lazy ass, you know? Which is good because it’s gotten me back into working on my F&@*ing woodcut. The 4′x2′ woodcut monstrocity I have been working on since May…the one I thought I would have done by June…yeah, that one. All my tools are dull and I can’t really afford new ones, so it’s a slow, painful, process, but I must keep moving forward.

So in an effort to not be lazy, today I helped my oldest brother move some heavy stuff to his new place, bought some Damar Varnish Spray, Finished that orangish layer on the new painting, slapped on a layer of Gesso on 2 panels(will sand then add another layer; do that 2 more times), and then worked on my woodcut as well as troubleshoot the previs rigs with Kai to try and solve some problems. We got one solved, but the Dynamic Parenting Problem still persists, grr. I also managed to chat with some people, and then take a trip to CVS for some bare necessities….ie a Coke Zero, A Miller High Life, and Some Drumstick ice cream treats ;D.

Tomorrow is Wrestlemania! Which means hanging out with some of my buddies and watching the PPV and just relaxing which is good because I literally worked almost non-stop for 2 days on those rigs and just worked on many things today, so I look forward to a lazy day with friends. Maybe I will break in my crappy 89 dollar wal mart bike tomorrow. I need to fix something with the rear brake as it is constantly rubbing against the tire…you get what you pay for I guess, but I’m going to give it a good shot before I give up on it haha. Maybe I will just take it down the hill and then ride along foothill, and probably just have to walk it back up the hill. Oh well. It’s good for you right?

Ok, that’s it…Take it easy!

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