Ok, so there is some news in which to address.

First, since this is probably the most obvious, The website has a new look. It’ll hold for a while I think. There’s still some stuff that may get changed around but overall we’re set for now.

On the topic of the website, I believe all of the fine art stuff is uploaded now. So that’s good to have that done for you all to check out. I think I will switch them from Galleries to individual images. So it’s sort of done, sort of…not.

Today I did something I have not done for…gosh, I think like 7 months, which is sad. Today I Gesso’d two panels to use for painting later. It was nice to finally do some of that. One of the panels is warped, so I gotta fix that, oh well. I think I will get a 4th one next weekend. I want to restart this painting of Josh and his wife, but we will see. Josh goes to Iraq in a week I think so It’d be nice to have it done by then, but I don’t think it will be. I may be my toughest critic, but the quality isn’t good. But Maybe I will just sand it down(something I didn’t dowhile Gessoing which was a mistake).

I have been reading a lot of painting stuff on the Venetian and other master’s techniques.So I think I want to really try to get that thing going. But I think I might just start with a different painting, but I want to do it right. Get a solid underpainting, and get the whites, then the darks and just work my way from there. The book I’ve been reading is called “Traditional Oil Painting” and it is packed with a lot of information. I stil have a frame for canvas that has not been stretched or anything…I have to work on that too. So many paintings, not enough ideas.

Oh lastly, I do have 1 idea. Last year I painted a self portrait and cut it into little squares, which I liked because I kind of think Self Portraits or a tad self-indulgent or pompous you know? But I liked the idea of taking a portrait of myself, and making it FUN(It was fun because you could spin the Squares and break up the image so you couldn’t tell it was me). So I decided I would do a self portrait every year and do something fun with it(or at least try to). It would be a good way to see how I grow and evolve both in life, and in my painting skills. So I have another fun Square piece to do and tomorrow I will take some pictures to use for the painting, then have a go.

Lastly, I have lost my idea notepad someplace! FML. I can only remember a couple of them. I think I will head down to CVS in a little bit to go get a new one…well maybe tomorrow since it’s Midnight. I need to quickly so I don’t forget all of my ideas, Grrrr. I can only think of a few of the ideas. I am quite bummed about this. I hope I just lost it in my room somewherem but we shall see.

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