This week’s assignment at AM is to finish up our Walks and do a pose of Stu showing that he is concerned. The walk is kicking my ass quite a bit. First my walk was looking too much like a sneak because he was leaning forward/back too much. He was also going down too much on it’s Down extreme. so it was almost like he was doing lunges or something. So I restarted and now I think the walk is better, but the knees are poppin like crazy, so I need to fix that, but I can’t get it right. They look like they are like vibrating as if there were some sort of priorities problem.

So I’ve stopped for now and begun thinking about the Stu Pose for this week. Concern is a hard one. It resembles a lot of other emotions and body positisons. To me, it seems to have a lot of what you can convey through concern, you need Eyes.  Take like someone who just got some bad news. If it were me, I would probably sit way down in a chair, like a slouch, blank gaze, with maybe my eyebows up  where the two meet. Now eliminate all of that facial stuff. Does the pose still convey Concern, or maybe just a slouch?

Take another pose. Someone is looking through the bills, wondering how they are going to make it. They open an envelope, and they see a charge that they know they don’t have the money for. They put their elbow on the table and theyre head in theyre hand(like right up at the temple.),  brows raised slightly and the lips are tight and raised a bit(like the bottom lip is pushing the upper lip up).  Now, take out that facial stuff, what do you see, concern, contemplation, or boredom? That type of pose is interesting  because depending on where the hand is positioned, that helps convey the type of pose a little bit better. Hand up at the temple is more concerned. Hand covering the chin shows more of a contemplative look, Chin on top of the hand shows more boredom. You could go even further. An open hand over the Mouth with the fingers close together shows more concern, like a gasp. But spread out it’s again more of a bored or contemplative pose. Below are some quick shots. They all kind of read bored because I was trying really hard to not do any sort of facial stuff with them. But rest assured, a little raise of the eyebrows or tightening of the lips I could easily make every one of these something other than boredom.

So since there are so many poses RESEMBLING concern but without the “look(ie the face)” of concern, it becomes a bit more difficult. Also since Stu doesnt have any fingers, that sure doesn’t help either. So I think my plan will be to come up with a scenario that when you look at it, it makes you immediately thing “This guy is concerned”. Maybe like he just noticed there’s no TP, or maybe he’s about to go skydiving or something, i dunno. But that’s the plan….now I just need to make it…

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