So I haven’t had much of an in depth post since I got back from San Francisco like 3 weeks ago. Weak, I know. So let me try to update you on my life…


School is going pretty well. It’s getting tough. Animation is a pain in the ass, and doing it in your free time doesn’t make it more enjoyable. I’m not getting a lot of feedback from people so it makes it tough to decide any sort of direction. I know they say to comment on 5 people’s reviews and stuff, but like I don’t see any of my buddies with new PR’s. In fact, Week 5 in Particular there were like NO Public Reviews, it was pretty crazy in that regard. In other people’s defense, I have been slacking. I used to get on Sunday, watch the Assignment Lecture, and have a go at it, and be pumped. The last 2 weeks I have been busy and very lax about that kind of stuff. I just finished my assignment an hour or so ago. I will try to battle this now! Anyway, here’s my assignment.


Work has been filled with Drama. A lot of infuriating politics and shit that I am not at liberty to divulde or care to discuss. Shit happens, and you just gotta turn those negatives into positive. It frees up some time now to focus more on other things. Like getting Animation Mentor Rigs for Cinema 4D, Tutorials for Cinema 4D(which will be here on this blog), and some more Cineversity Tutorials as well. In fact I think I’m going to work on some of those tonight perhaps. The ones on the blog are really geared towards Animation Mentor Students/Maya users.


I met a fine chap by the name of Dimos Vrysellas who happens to be a Mentor at Animation Mentor and a fan of Cinema 4D. We got to chatting one evening which later lead to being asked to help work on a short film he is working on that will be entirely in Cinema 4D. So, that is cool.  It could be very good experience for me. And because of this work stuff, I have some more time for that.

I would still like to get back into more painting. I’ve stagnated. I’m at a point where I’m through looking at a painting I’ve been working on. I think I have just a couple little little spots needing some paint before I can call it done enough, you know? Maybe not where I am completely satisfied, but enough to put it away. Maybe then I can revist the portrait of the Batts…I probably should since Josh is shipping out in a few months. I also need to get the galleries back up again, blah. So yes, the Batt’s will be next whenever I get around to doing that kind of stuff.

I’ve rediscovered 2 albums I used to love years ago, both by the same band. The first is a re-release of two old records by The Vandals. It’s called “Peace Through Vandalism/When in Rome do as the Vandals”.

This is an album done originally in the early or mid 80′s I think. There’s some great songs on here though. Classics like Mohawk Town, Urban Struggle, The Legend of Pat Brown, and of course Anarchy Burger(Hold the Government) with great lines such as “America Stands for Freedom, but if you think you’re free, try walking into a deli, and urinating on the cheese! Anarchy Burger! Hold the Government!”

The other album by the Vandals I’ve rediscovered is Live Fast Diarrhea! This an album of the albums in their final lineup(With Quackenbush and Warren). The Vandals sing about things like someone messing up their order at a restaurant, Mustaches, Not wanting to change my pants…It’s just dumb, but very catchy and it’s very nostalgic for me.

Let’s see, what else is new…Oh! Ha, so I played in a dodgeball tournament last night. Let me recap it all for you…So, my friend Matt had told me about this Dodgeball Tournament in Camarillo, but he was quite slim on the details about it. So the day of the tournament(the 13th) I go to Mike’s house and we head to the field. I find out we will be playing THIRTY games of dodgeball. 30 GAMES! Thank goodness they had time limits. So I started playing with my friends and we were not doing too well. Then I see this one team only has 3 players(4 would normally play). I asked to hop on cause I enjoy playing dodgeball. My friends gave me a bunch of crap for doing so but I was justl like hey they need someone we have an extra person, I’ll just ride this one out…turns out that ride was very long. And besides our first break after the second game, I played the next 28 games straight haha. This team, called Balls Deep, won the most games. We stayed in the “Kings Court” for a long long long time haha. I think we ended up going like 25 and 5 out of those 30 games. I eventually played against my original team, the Strikers, twice. And while The Strikers were 1-29, they were easily the most entertaining of the bunch.

So Balls Deep made it to the championship game, and it was best 2 out of 3 against the last tournament champions the Moorpark Madness. There was a 2 game sweep and just like that Balls Deep were the Intense Dodgeball February 13th Tournament Champions. 30 games of Dodgeball is A LOT. Like A LOT. I was SO sore, I couldn’t really stand anymore. Then we did a big game of last man standing, and shockingly, Balls Deep was out first! I was actually the first person out! It was kind of sad haha. Look for it on in the coming weeks.

All right, I’m goin to bed now. Have a good night everyons.

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