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Another dream I had, it is funnier, much less fucked up than the last one, I promise. Unfortunately, I didn’t write it down so here I go trying to remember as much of it as I can.

From what I remember I was hanging out with my co-workers Kai and Amanda. We were down at what looked similar to like Venice Beach, but it was a lot like the Ventura Coast. Anyway, we went to some restaurant, and I wasn’t wearing a shirt for who knows why, but I was wearing Pants. That’s the weirder part since I normally only wear shorts, although maybe in the dream they were shorts, I dunno. Anyway, so we were at some little restaurant that looked exactly like the one from the last dream, except you entered from the other end…and it was sunnier inside of it.

So we’re just eating and stuff, and somehow a Baseball bat came into play. I don’t remember why, but Kai and Amanda got up to do something and so I hid the bat underneath my right side. They came back asking for the bat, but couldn’t find it. Eventually we left.

So we’re walking along the beach and I remember “Oh shit I forgot the Bat!”(I think I went back for the bat. I know I went back for something) So I go running like that bat was illegal or something. I get back to the diner just as this female cop on a segway scooter pulls in. I’m like shit.  I manage to sneak in and out with the bat with no problems whatsoever and head back down the path where Kai and Amanda were.

Now, something happened, where I found myself in this dark maze type thing. I fell into a big pool, like an underwater lair…but it was filled with water. So I’m swimming through this thing, and there are these underwater gun turrets that are shooting at me. I manage to swim past all 12 or so of them on a single breath of water. Actually, I remember trying to go to this spot where I THOUGHT there’d be air, but their wasn’t and suddenly it didn’t bother me so I was fine.

So I get out of the water, and I’m in a dark maze. and I find my way around where I have to climb the walls all ninja warrior style(the 2nd or 4th level where you gott have your hands and feet on both sides of the wall and climbing up and over. Eventually I get to the end, I see some light, and I flip on the lightswitch before needing to leap over like some crocodiles or something. I find this line of kids cheering and running through the once dark and dangerous maze. One kid thanked me. Turns out, it was a bathroom. It was an epic maze through the bathroom, and none of the kids could manage to make it through there alive and turn on the switch. So I was like a hero to them. Now it’s weird because Kai and Amanda were at this exit and were like “That was cool”. And I remember thinking “Aw, it’s nothing, I’ve done something like that back home.” And I remember trying to think of a place where I did that. Like it seemed like I was no longer dreaming, but now, thinking hard trying to remember where I had done something like that before(still don’t know).

Anyway I came out and Kai and Amanda were like, guess who we met, and it was Reese Witherspoon. I assume this is because I saw Walk the Line last weekend, which I fell in love with her in. I wanted to marry her after that movie lol. That’s only happened one other time in a Movie, Zooey Deschanel in Yes Man. Anywho, She thought it was cool helping out those kids, and again  Iwas like Oh’ I’ve don’e something like that before. Now, I remember being wet still, shirtless and in dark pants. But I remember thinking, Damn I look good. It has hit me who’s body I kind of resembled. Something like this. So, I mean, come on I looked good right? I remember suddenly feeling very tall. And I took the picture, and chit chatted, and then BAM! My alarm woke me up.

So weird lol. More AM stuff probably to come tomorrow or Saturday.

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So, I had a very weird dream 2 nights ago. When I woke up from it, I wrote it down to help remember it, and man I gotta tell you that helps out a lot. I remember bits of it particularly. In fact, one scene from it I am beginning to think about perhaps turning into a new painting.

My friend thinks these dreams(mainly that they can be pretty messed up) are due to my drinking of soda and it’s caffiene. I don’t know, but I have been having a diet coke or cherry coke zero somewhere between like 6 and 8 PM. It is also the reason why I have been staying up so late and not sleeping well. Anyway, here is the dream, and my take on how those things got in there. Bold is the dream and the regular text is explanations and thoughts on why these were in my dream.

The dream first started off with me driving like a maniac because I was either drunk or tired and taking my friend Elliot home. I think I was just tired, but I have seen a video where they showed that driving tired is about as risky as driving drunk. I also watched Metalocalypse where they got drunk and then Nathan Explosion drove home and hurt Murderface(I’m not making these names up lol). So anyway, I was driving, and i specifically remember being on Telephone Road in Ventura and making a left onto Gardener Street and nearly getting hit. I don’t know why Elliot lived there, but I had a lot of friends on that road when I lived down that way.

So I dropped him off and proceeded up the street towards Darling Road. I saw Erik Kerr living I think 2 or 3 houses from the corner on the right side of the street. I ran into Erik and his roommates On Saturday Night at Howl at the moon, but he lives in Thousand Oaks, not Ventura. So I drove home, and the home I drove to was my old house on Darling Road(literally around the corner from Gardener), but the time it took me to get there was as if I had driven to where my house is now. Anway, I was hanging out with Justin, and this other guy Tim. I met Tim at CLU and he was on our Intramural Basketball team. He is a big, tall guy. Pretty quiet. He was n this dream because I saw him at the Rugby Game I would imagine. Anyway we wee hanging, and Tim did something that I didn’t like, but I don’t remember what it was. Anyway he left. So Justin and I were hanging out, and we went downtown which resembled a bit of the outskirts of San Francisco where my Friend Michelle lives. We were walking and I saw Tim in the window of this little diner. It was lke a diner made from a train car. I think it was heavily influenced from the similar little diner in Grand Theft Auto IV which I had just started playing again. This is the spot I want to use for a painting. In the diner, at a table next to a window with a guy standing with a cold bland look and about to shoot someone.

I walked in, and with a very emotionless face, went to his table pulled out a pistol and blasted him right then and there, and just walked out and Justin was like what was that for, but we just kept walkng around as if nothing had happened. I think this happened to Tim because I had seen him in the Rugby Game the day before, and he scored his first try which means he had to “Shoot the Boot”. This lead to a chant of “Shoot Shoot, Shoot the Boot”. I think that is why Tim was in this and why he got shot. Eventually we went to like a gym or something. I was just chilling thinking about what just had happened, but not worried or nervous. Now, Justin and I were talkng and then there was this Gym Coach who was giving Justin a lot of shit. Justin hated this guy, and he seemed like a dick. He kept yelling at Justin who had just enough and when the guy was looking, his son came down some stairs and Justin shot the guy’s son.  The guy came running down and began to weep. Justin couldn’t believe what he just did.

Justin was really distraught over what he had done, but I remember I was just very deep and contemplative about what I had done. Still not showing any emotion about it, but on the inside I knew I had done something wrong. We went to like a playground and just cooled off I guess.
Then I got a text from my Friend Veronica, that said something like “Since they are already doing stories on the news about the murder, you should update your facebook status to say it was an accident.” I responded with “I’m not really sure it was an accident”. The phrase “I’m not really sure was something I was saying to my friends as we were having a very deep conversation about other things, and I just couldn’t really explain anything in the discussion because I didn’t really know what I wanted or needed.

So that was it, pretty fucked up right? But it was weird to see some elements that I could identify, but I dunno. It is cool to remember the dream and that it’s inspired a painting. I hope you all don’t think I’m too crazy :/.


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So…let’s see. It’s week 8 at Animation Mentor. We begin walks which is exciting. Last week I animated Tailor, and it definitely kicked my ass.

So that is taken care of. Last night I went to Howl at the Moon at City Walk for my friend Libby’s Birthday. It was an interesting experience. I don’t know if I handle crowded environments with a lot of alcohol being consumed and limited space. I’m a big guy so it’s not fun maneuvering around when you’re 6’3″ 250 pounds(hopefully by April I’ll be 225 or 235). But overall it was fun. We left Howl to go to Saddle Ranch, but that was way too crowded, so Kai, Amanda, Josiah, and I walked around lookin for some food. We found Wetzel’s Pretzels. They have this like…Pepperoni Pizza Pretzel…so awesome. We we got some pretzels and we were just chilling outside the store at like 1 AM or so. Then they were closing and one of the guys comes out and says “You guys want some free pretzels?” and we were like “Hell yeah!” so we got like 5-6 free pretzels. So good.


This is the final version of Allison’s Painting. Well I should say the Painting of Allison. I think I am going to move back to the painting of Josh and Brittaney’s Wedding. I’ve been sitting on that for the last…8 months or so, so I think it’s about time to get it wrapped up. Anyway, That’s about it for now. I bought 2 new Panels that I hope to Gesso next weekend and maybe work on some other things. I still need to get all of my art pictures up as well. Oy Vey.

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Haha, Andrew WK is outrageous. He has a new TV Show coming soon to Adult Swim which I look forward to seeing. But this video of him dancing on Late Night with Conan O’Brien…so good. Look at that one footed Jig he does…outrageous.

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This is an odd thing to write about. Anyone who knows me my memory is like a screen bucket. Some things will stick but most things I will just forget because it is the gift my father gave me :P . Anyway, I normally don’t have dreams. And if I do, they’re incredibly vivid and then I forget. Last night I had 3 dreams and of those 3 I can only remember 2. It’s just kind of weird to think about, because some of the things in my dreams are easily explainable(which I will go to later). But some of the other things really make me think, “Where the hell did that come from?”

I should really make a habit of writing my dreams down because they could always become some sort of inspirational source later on for something. So, let’s talk about what was in my dreams. As I mentioned, I had 3 dreams last night. One pretty violent and scary, one funny, and one pretty suspenseful. Sadly, the funny one I forget, I just am assuming it was funny. I just know it was a nicer dream than the other two.

So the first dream was very clearly influenced by the fact that I saw the movie Taken yesterday. Liam Neilson was kicking a lot of Albanian ass in my dream much like the movie. I don’t remember much of it. But I think we were somewhere on the boat like the last ass kicking scene in the movie, but it was very blue, as if it were in the dark and no lights besides the moon. Some how I was laying down and some Albanian fucker came up and cut my legs off right around the calves. It didn’t hurt but I was picked up only to watch my legs fall off. I woke up shortly after.

The third dream was an odd one. I was in a jeep with these two guys Trevor Thompson and his friend Austin. I went to school with Trevor and Saw Austin around but never really met him or talked to him. Anyway, I don’t exactly remember the order of events, but I believe we started out at like a mobile home and inside was Lewis Black. And someone was yelling at him, I don’t remember who. Lewis Black is because I saw the movie Accepted the day before. I think in that movie he sits out in front of a trailer or something. Anyway, we took off in a jeep along this dirt road along a cliff. Now, first I remember us burning out and nearly going off the cliff which scared the shit out of me(figuratively) since I am afraid of heights. Then we’re cruising around and all of the sudden we hit this  bump in the road and there was just a MASSIVE drop. Like it was a steep downhill slope. We were REALLY REALLY high up and falling, and landed just fine.

This raised a few questions for me. 1. What is the significance of the location of the cuts to my calves? 2. Two near deaths in one dream, common or not? 3. Don’t you normally wake up before you land? Why didn’t I wake up when the jeep went over the slope? The big thinker is me wondering what kind of crazy shit I do in my sleep if I’m thinking of these weird as dreams…

…Dreams are an interesting and eerie thing all wrapped up in one. I’ll try to keep notes on more of them.

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So I haven’t had much of an in depth post since I got back from San Francisco like 3 weeks ago. Weak, I know. So let me try to update you on my life…


School is going pretty well. It’s getting tough. Animation is a pain in the ass, and doing it in your free time doesn’t make it more enjoyable. I’m not getting a lot of feedback from people so it makes it tough to decide any sort of direction. I know they say to comment on 5 people’s reviews and stuff, but like I don’t see any of my buddies with new PR’s. In fact, Week 5 in Particular there were like NO Public Reviews, it was pretty crazy in that regard. In other people’s defense, I have been slacking. I used to get on Sunday, watch the Assignment Lecture, and have a go at it, and be pumped. The last 2 weeks I have been busy and very lax about that kind of stuff. I just finished my assignment an hour or so ago. I will try to battle this now! Anyway, here’s my assignment.


Work has been filled with Drama. A lot of infuriating politics and shit that I am not at liberty to divulde or care to discuss. Shit happens, and you just gotta turn those negatives into positive. It frees up some time now to focus more on other things. Like getting Animation Mentor Rigs for Cinema 4D, Tutorials for Cinema 4D(which will be here on this blog), and some more Cineversity Tutorials as well. In fact I think I’m going to work on some of those tonight perhaps. The ones on the blog are really geared towards Animation Mentor Students/Maya users.


I met a fine chap by the name of Dimos Vrysellas who happens to be a Mentor at Animation Mentor and a fan of Cinema 4D. We got to chatting one evening which later lead to being asked to help work on a short film he is working on that will be entirely in Cinema 4D. So, that is cool.  It could be very good experience for me. And because of this work stuff, I have some more time for that.

I would still like to get back into more painting. I’ve stagnated. I’m at a point where I’m through looking at a painting I’ve been working on. I think I have just a couple little little spots needing some paint before I can call it done enough, you know? Maybe not where I am completely satisfied, but enough to put it away. Maybe then I can revist the portrait of the Batts…I probably should since Josh is shipping out in a few months. I also need to get the galleries back up again, blah. So yes, the Batt’s will be next whenever I get around to doing that kind of stuff.

I’ve rediscovered 2 albums I used to love years ago, both by the same band. The first is a re-release of two old records by The Vandals. It’s called “Peace Through Vandalism/When in Rome do as the Vandals”.

This is an album done originally in the early or mid 80′s I think. There’s some great songs on here though. Classics like Mohawk Town, Urban Struggle, The Legend of Pat Brown, and of course Anarchy Burger(Hold the Government) with great lines such as “America Stands for Freedom, but if you think you’re free, try walking into a deli, and urinating on the cheese! Anarchy Burger! Hold the Government!”

The other album by the Vandals I’ve rediscovered is Live Fast Diarrhea! This an album of the albums in their final lineup(With Quackenbush and Warren). The Vandals sing about things like someone messing up their order at a restaurant, Mustaches, Not wanting to change my pants…It’s just dumb, but very catchy and it’s very nostalgic for me.

Let’s see, what else is new…Oh! Ha, so I played in a dodgeball tournament last night. Let me recap it all for you…So, my friend Matt had told me about this Dodgeball Tournament in Camarillo, but he was quite slim on the details about it. So the day of the tournament(the 13th) I go to Mike’s house and we head to the field. I find out we will be playing THIRTY games of dodgeball. 30 GAMES! Thank goodness they had time limits. So I started playing with my friends and we were not doing too well. Then I see this one team only has 3 players(4 would normally play). I asked to hop on cause I enjoy playing dodgeball. My friends gave me a bunch of crap for doing so but I was justl like hey they need someone we have an extra person, I’ll just ride this one out…turns out that ride was very long. And besides our first break after the second game, I played the next 28 games straight haha. This team, called Balls Deep, won the most games. We stayed in the “Kings Court” for a long long long time haha. I think we ended up going like 25 and 5 out of those 30 games. I eventually played against my original team, the Strikers, twice. And while The Strikers were 1-29, they were easily the most entertaining of the bunch.

So Balls Deep made it to the championship game, and it was best 2 out of 3 against the last tournament champions the Moorpark Madness. There was a 2 game sweep and just like that Balls Deep were the Intense Dodgeball February 13th Tournament Champions. 30 games of Dodgeball is A LOT. Like A LOT. I was SO sore, I couldn’t really stand anymore. Then we did a big game of last man standing, and shockingly, Balls Deep was out first! I was actually the first person out! It was kind of sad haha. Look for it on in the coming weeks.

All right, I’m goin to bed now. Have a good night everyons.

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Dear Friends,

Sorry for the lack of Updates. Stop
I am working on this, I promise. Stop
I need to take a pic of the Allison Painting. Stop.


That is my week 6 public review so far. Stop.
I did it all in Cinema 4D. Stop
Today my car rolled over 100,000. Stop.
I have been listening to The Vandals all week. Can’t Stop.

Happy Birthday to My brother, Drake, and Rick at work too. Stop.
I love my niece and nephew very very much. Stop.
Three day weekend. Heck yeah! Stop.

Sincerely yours,
“The Australian Dynamo” Bernie Bays

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Just a quick post. I’ve been struggling with this weeks assignment. Here’s what I got, no mean finished. But it’s the best turnout so far. The Pose was my first shot, the ball animation is about my 3rd iteration. FINALLY it looks ok.

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Hey, so to help any Animation Mentor People trying to move over to Cinema 4D, I’ve made a quick Crash Course for People to get animating right away. First, go to fill out the form and download the R11.010 demo. When finished, unzip the file and you should have the demo…now, you can’t save it yet. Then when you open the Demo a Window should pop up. You can click a link to get an Activation Code. Fill out the form, get an email with a Code. Then click the “Enter Activation Code” button and paste the Activation Code, and hit OK. You should now have a Save Enabled Version for 42 days. Then, have a gander at these videos to get animating right away. If you need this file, we can probably provide it for you, just email MAXON tech support(fill out the support Ticket on the MAXON website).

I hope this helps anyone out there. I’ll try to do a better, and more in depth one for people soon.

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