I often wonder about the worth of some of the technological advances we make. I mean, take the cell phone for one. 5 years ago, I never needed a cell phone. In fact, I prided myself on NOT having one because it seemed to just enslave people. I liked the idea of a portable phone for emergencies, but then some ass hole invented Text Messages and suddenly you’re tied to it. And now, it worries people when they don’t hear from you when you call or text them. But 5 years ago, I would call my parents and say “Hey I’m going to go bowling, I’ll be back later.” My parents would ask me what time I’m coming home and I’d give them a guess and if I’d be later, I told them I’d call. “Keep Me Posted” was the key phrase used. Now there’s this instant access, and here I am enslaved by my phone. Below is a great clip from The Boondocks about some new technology and texts.

Now, the internet is how I found this clip. This is the beauty of the internet in it’s truest form. Sharing information from multiple sources. I can find almost anything I need. If I’m curious about a topic, there’s websites that can tell me about it and allow me to read up on it(Wikipedia is amazing for this).

But for every great thing on the internet, there’s probably 100 worse things on it. And I’m not just talking about pornography. I’m talking about ignorant, racist, sexist, bigotous, and stupid shit, you know? Some of it is hilarious despite it’s pointlessness(Look up Failblog). The sad thing is you can find ALL of these negatives on Youtube.

So with all the useless videos of Blue Flaming kids, Guys and Jars, Girls and Cups, and some jackass being birthed from a cow; websites dedicated to weird fetishes, ideals, and images(I’m talking about you 4Chan), it leads to the question of there is anything worthwhile on the Youtube?

I was in my Multimedia Community Class which, really was a pointless class, however my professor, Barry, said “There is nothing of value on Youtube. And I challenge you to show me otherwise”. Of course this was part of a game where if we answered a question right, we could go up and play a video to try and prove him wrong. If we could prove him wrong, he would end class right then and there no matter how early it was. Many videos were shown. Human Tetris, SNL-Dick In a Box, and some others. None of which proved him wrong. I remember, I answered a second question(Human Tetris was one I played), so I got to go play a second movie. And I thought of a movie My Art History Teacher in London showed us. He had thought the very same thing, that there was nothing of value on youtube. But then he found this video and it changed his mind.

After he saw that video, we were immediately let out 35 minutes early. So the moral of the story, is for every ignorant ass hole on Youtube, and every pointless, stupid video(Excluding The 2008 Live Rick Roll by Rick Astley himself) there’s still wonderful videos to be found on Youtube. So my advice to you, enjoy the funny videos, ignore the lame ones, and just don’t read the comments.

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