Hey Hey Hey! So, it’s a new year(it was in my last post too but still…). My New Years Resolution was to get a life I guess, and so far 09 is going great. I hope you all had a fun, safe, new years. Mine was spent playing Mario Kart on the Wii and going up North to the Chumash Casino in Santa Ynez with a couple buddies of mine. I won 135 bucks playing Blackjack and I might be hooked on gambling now. We brought in the new year, came home, and things have just been going well lately. So well it would seem that I can’t really remember what I did the last few days(even though I haven’t had any hootch).

I did do a little bit of painting which was nice. I got the background painted on the painting of my friend Allison.


I finally got that background in there, as well as the little silver strips on the argyle sweater. I think it’s safe to say that from the neck down, the painting is done ha. Now I need to do the whole face and hair. I also still have to finish my woodcut that I started back in June, oy vey!

I’ve also started at Animation Mentor. It’s been pretty good so far, it’s got me pumped and excited, just adding to the greatness so far that is 2009. Last night I had my first Q&A session where I got to meet my mentor Joe Mandia(http://www.joemandia.com) whos a really cool down to earth guy. Got to meet some of my classmates, and it just is very exciting to get going on this. My buddy(and manager) Kai is also doing it and he is equally stoked. Feel free to check out his blog on the right.

Today I got to meet 3 people from MAXON HQ in Germany, Marco Tillmann, Bernd Lutz, and David Drayton. They were here for some Business and I got to meet them which was nice. I saw them all at Siggraph when they were here, but I didn’t get talk to any of them or meet any of them. Simply had Kai point out who was who, and so on. But it was nice to actually sit down, meet them and stuff.

So I mean, with painting going pretty well, hanging out with friends, gaming big time with Call of Duty World at War with Justin and Derek, Animation Mentor, and Work things going well, man 2009 is really coming out strong haha. Not to mention my birthday on Saturday, as well as my lovely neice’s as well, so I think Saturday I’m probably going to go to downtown Ventura and hit up a bar or something with my friends. If you’re in the area drop on by! I don’t know where we’ll be but who cares haha.


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