So…What’s new? I had a 2′x4′ panel gesso’d from…May I think it was. It has been sitting here waiting for some attention, so I decided to put a…Burnt Siennaglaze over the panel. Then because my friend asked me to paint a picture of her(mainly because I was bored and she suggested it). So I found a picture of her and have been having at it so far. I’ve learned my lesson from past experiences; I used to use paint to transfer my image from the transparency to the panel. It would often leave strokes visible and I would always be battling against that. So I’ve instead gone to using Pencil. It’s less obtrusive, but still lets me see the shapes. So on Sunday I darkened the glaze on the background to get this result:

I’m kind of undecided about what I am going to do with the background. But it’s nice to be working on something again. So tonight I decided to just have at it and bagn working on the diamond pattern on the vest she’s wearing. It got me to this point here:

So far so good, you can see the image in the bottom left corner of the easel. I’m experimenting with how I’m going to paint this. I think I’m looking to not use the Grisailles Layer as before. I am experimenting a little with a wet on wet technique with some preplanning. You can see in the above image how the reference photo has lot of circles, those are some color guides. So I plan on mixing a lot of my colors per session BEFORE starting so I have them all can can easily mix on the canvas. I will try to NOT mess up on the face as I tend to do eek!. Maybe once I finish this I will stretch a canvas and begin working on my Odin painting. I still need to get my Loki painting images, but it needs more planning. I don’t have much time because Cameron, who was going to be my Model for Loki, will be studying abroad in Prague next semester.

Oy and I still got this F***ING woodcut to finish.

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