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So first off, anyone reading this(assuming you’re in America), Have a Happy Thanksgiving tomorrow. Now, onto business. I’ve still been slowly working on Artsy things in my spare time. I’ve also been reading some C.S. Lewis, Bill Waterson(Calvin and Hobbes), Learning Calculus, and still finding time to work on my woodcut, which I think its like 85% done! Exciting. I’m actually going to get to working on it after I finish this post. Anywho, amongst all that reading, and work(which is has actually been pretty productive the last week and a half), I’m still finding time to paint this picture of my friend Allison.I began painting in the the skin a few nights ago. Mainly just the Arm in the foreground. Tonight I painted the white shirt, and the arm in the background. So far, I’m quite pleased with the turnout so far, but that’s to be expected when you try to avoid the face. ;)

Eventually the time will come, and I hope it turns out well. It’s always a different experience each time. I’m still trying to figure out what I’m going to do with the background. Oh well. Cheers, and again, Happy Thanksgiving.


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So…What’s new? I had a 2′x4′ panel gesso’d from…May I think it was. It has been sitting here waiting for some attention, so I decided to put a…Burnt Siennaglaze over the panel. Then because my friend asked me to paint a picture of her(mainly because I was bored and she suggested it). So I found a picture of her and have been having at it so far. I’ve learned my lesson from past experiences; I used to use paint to transfer my image from the transparency to the panel. It would often leave strokes visible and I would always be battling against that. So I’ve instead gone to using Pencil. It’s less obtrusive, but still lets me see the shapes. So on Sunday I darkened the glaze on the background to get this result:

I’m kind of undecided about what I am going to do with the background. But it’s nice to be working on something again. So tonight I decided to just have at it and bagn working on the diamond pattern on the vest she’s wearing. It got me to this point here:

So far so good, you can see the image in the bottom left corner of the easel. I’m experimenting with how I’m going to paint this. I think I’m looking to not use the Grisailles Layer as before. I am experimenting a little with a wet on wet technique with some preplanning. You can see in the above image how the reference photo has lot of circles, those are some color guides. So I plan on mixing a lot of my colors per session BEFORE starting so I have them all can can easily mix on the canvas. I will try to NOT mess up on the face as I tend to do eek!. Maybe once I finish this I will stretch a canvas and begin working on my Odin painting. I still need to get my Loki painting images, but it needs more planning. I don’t have much time because Cameron, who was going to be my Model for Loki, will be studying abroad in Prague next semester.

Oy and I still got this F***ING woodcut to finish.

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I decided to apply to to help me grow as an animator. I found out yesterday that I had been accepted to the program. So needless to say, I’m pretty stoked on that. I have to pay by the 28th of this Month and my class starts January 5th.

I’ll tell you what I’m not stoked about…I haven’t been doing anything creative lately. My room is a construction zone and I have a big hole in my ceiling right now so my painting area has been invaded, and so has my woodcut area. Damn. I will hopefully get back to doing some of those as well.

Anyway, I’m tired so I’m going to relax for a bit. Cheers.

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