I have been Reading blogs and stuff from famous Animators like John K of Ren and Stimpy fame, Carlos Baena from Pixar, etc, and it’s funny how diverse they can be John K is a 2D animator and he is hardcore into 2D and thinks current cartoons are lacking.

Carlos, and many other CG animators, are very anal. They get their jollies watching people and studying their motions and stuff, it’s crazy. But I understand why. These people are trying to animate people, animals etc. into belivable motions. And in the case of animating humans, they are really trying to convey emotions. If it were just a normal actor, they could do some of the little subtle eye motions naturally. But with CG they need to study it and understand when and why the eyes do things. Including stuff like blinking. Many long blog entries have been posted about the purpose of blinks.

Anyway, on Carlos’ blog he had this link about predicting liars. While it’s probably not 100% accurate, it is fairly accurate, and I’ve noticed I do some of these things myself.

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