I am finding myself having a inner struggle. It is a balancing act. I have to try and balance the part of me that wants to be an Artist with the side of me that wants to be an Animator. I find that when I am progressing in one field, I am neglecting the other and regressing greatly. Lately I have found myself getting more and more into being an Artist, but my Animator dreams have been going down the toilet. However, now I’m renewed with vigor towards animation but I don’t want to stop my Art, you know? Also, take for example some secondary education…I could go for my MFA at UCSB, or I could enroll at Animation Mentor, but I don’t have the funds to do both…it’s really troublesome you know? I really love doing both, and I would hate to see one go away for the other. If I had to choose one…I would choose Animation for several reasons:

1. Animation itself is Acting and Acting is an artform
2. Animation is a good job with good pay and a high level of job satisfaction
3. With Animation I could still practice art to a degree, but the opposite is no necessarily true

So I think for now, I will aim towards progressing with my Animation, but not necessarily neglecting my art. I will keep my ideas flowing and I will keep them in my book to be able to come back to at a later date. Basically, I’m taking a stand against neglecting Animation. If this means my Art will suffer, then that is what will happen, sadly. But I will try to keep them both going, just that Animation gets priority.

Rambling again. Anyway, I love both things and here I go to try and keep at both without neglecting either. Expect some more animation related posts though. I’ve been reading some great things on other blogs and it is very interesting because it’s kind of a science as well as an Art.

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