It has been a little while since I’ve posted on here(like a week, big deal). So I thought I would give a little update. I have not painted the Kelly piece for a while, but last time I did I had worked on the teeth a bit and I think I’m getting closer to finish them. I also have been pressing on with my woodcut, and it’s coming along. There is still a good deal left to do though. Maybe I will complete it this month. That’d be great.

I also built my frame for my Odin Piece with a lot of help from my Brother. It is a mighty fine frame I must say. Maybe a tad overkill but It is good.

It’s a pretty big Frame. It’s about 6 feet wide by 3.5 feet tall. Once I complete the kelly painting I will stretch the canvas onto it. I am holding off now because I really dont have the space to work on it. It is on my floor and at the moment I can still work around it. So all the more reason to finish the kelly painting, no?

This a little table I built. It is not of great quality but…Oh well. It is good enough(it stands as you can see haha).I might add a little compartment Lower to store my supplies, but I didn’t feel like it yet. Now I must find something to do with the stool that was my old makeshift table. Space in my room has diminshed greatly. I will need to find a workaround. My frame won’t fit on the easel with that table there. I guess I could maybe take off the top piece of the easel and make it higher. Yeah, that’d work I suppose.

I have been reading more Norse Mythology and it just makes me think of new ideas and stuff. I can’t help but want to make my art make people laugh. So usually the things I think of are funny things. But we will see how they work. I like the idea of taking classical myths of the old and bringing them into a more contemporary setting. Anyway, i need to develop some of these ideas further but it’s getting late now.

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