It has been a slow and boring week. I worked only once this week due to a minor surgery keeping me at home for most of the week. I haven’t been terribly productive really. I mean, I got a lot of Tutorial Capturing done(capturing is when I record what I am doing on the screen). It’s a pretty complex tutorial and it will be tough to do but I hope to finish all of the capturing tomorrow and then record the audio the following week, probably at work.

I worked on the teeth for Kelly…there are good parts and bad parts. It will require patience and dedication. You just gotta keep going and keep going in and fixing stuff. I also have managed to work on my woodcut a little bit. Nothing too significant. Tomorrow I aim to build my frame for my Odin Painting. as well as work on the Woodcut some more.

Music is such an intriguing thing. How music can affect us, inspire us, depress us, enrage us…it’s insane. I have a lot of musical inspirations. Usually, I find myself listening to a particular band/album and then there’s a song I happen to enjoy substantially. I look at the title and I’m already inspired to make a painting. I tend to go a step further and thing “What if I make an painting for each song on the album?” I usually can think of an idea for each song. Albums thus far to have inspired me to pay tribute include Slayer’s Reign in Blood, Andrew W.K.’s I Get Wet, and lately Black Flag’s The First Four Years. If I could only choose one song from each Album then I would choose Raining Blood for Slayer….Then Andrew W.K. is a tough one….I guess I Get Wet or She is Beautiful, and for Black Flag it would definately be Nervous Breakdown. Such a ferocious opening…Nervous Breakdown will definately get a painting. I’ve already pictured it(probably easy to guess). But I shouldn’t get too far ahead of myself. I already have a 6′ piece on my plate. Which reminds me I need to find some ravens and take some pictures of them for that piece.


PS-Happy Birthday Dad. The Big 60.

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