I on a whim decided to stop going to places such as Facebook and Myspace. I tend to peruse those websites when I am bored. So, by cutting myself off from those places I have to find some other way to occupy my time. So far, it has been pretty good. I’ve gone out and hung out with my friends, planned for paintings, worked on my woodcut etc. So far so good…but it’s only been 3 days haha. Tomorrow will be a serious test but I think I have planned well for it.

So let’s start with the Odin Painting. With that sketch in mind, I went ahead and shot some reference pics of my Brother. When I took the pictures it was a littler later that I would have liked (Damn Days are getting shorts). So I may re-do them. But It has let me think of how I’d like to do it. I can’t decide how I want the layout to be. Have a look at the picture below.

Now the picture itself is stitched together from 2 different pics at different exposures(the Sky is particularly different). So it could still use some work in Photoshop but Im not concerned about that. The actual picture is when He on the right side. I flipped the image horizontally, and I think I might like it a bit better. Not sold but that’s the way I am leaning. I still have to do a little work on the spear and get some Raven reference.

Tonight, I went down to Lowe’s and bought some wood for the frame. This will be the first canvas I ever stretch myself, so it will be interesting. Basically, I bought 2-1″x3″x6′ and 2-1″x3″x8′. The 2-8′ pieces will be cut in half(well just under half since they are not going to be exactly 4′. Anyway, I bought 2 because I will cut the other one in the same dimensions and use it in the middle for support. Then I bought some quarter round molding to put all around it so the canvas does not touch the wood and leave a mark in the picture itself. The 6′ pieces will not be cut(although one might be sanded down just a bit since it’s a touch longer). I said no thanks to trying to cut it at a 45 degree angle. instead I will butt the end of the 4′(or so) piece and use wood glue and some steel angled pieces on the corners. It is pretty intense. I will try to assemble it this weekend but we shall see. I really ought to finish up the Kelly painting so it wont use the easel.

Speaking of the Kelly painting, I managed to sketch in some teeth that I think provide a good enough reference for me. they need a bit of shading but at least I have divided it up properly I think. Once the teet or done, I may darken up some of the shadows on the body, then touch up some of the black background near the top and call it a day. It will be nice to have finished it and I think Kelly will be excited to see it.

I also worked some more on my woodcut, and surprise surprise, I have just about broken ANOTHER fucking Hangi To(Woodcut knife). I think that puts me at like…3 for this one piece. That sucks. It’s pricey. I need a sharpening stone because my bull-nose chisel and my u-gauge are getting a tad dull as well. It sucks because they are about…20 bucks a piece plus shipping.

Anywho, so I’ve been keeping busy. I have a painting of my friend Josh and his Wife Brittaney to finish as well. Josh ships out to Iraq on Sunday. I have mixed feelings about it, but I know it’s something he wants to do(as long as I’ve know him he has wanted to be an Army Ranger, but he seems to have settled for the Reserves). His friend Matt Witherspoon(who we call Spoon) is throwing a going away dinner tomorrow. So that should be nice. I sure hope he stays safe.The weird thing is as Josh is going to Iraq, my buddy Jan(Yon) is coming back. It will be nice to see him.

Anyway this has been kind of lengthy so I will call it a night.


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