…unless putting down 11 beers last night is productive. Nothing new to the website really. I have managed to contnue to work on my kelly re-painting little by little. It’s mainly been painting the hair and face. I haven’t touched the rest of it in a month because it’s all pretty much where it needs to be. The face is progressing. I’ve gone ahead and put my Photoshop knowledge to use. Looking at the image, the face is so small it’s hard to try and match colors, you know? So I’ve brought the image into photoshop blew up the face region, and made big “swatches” on the image based off of specific areas(Shadow, Midtone Hightlight of the hair, skin, lips etc.). I think it has helped not only make the painting look better, but also help me with my color matching/mixing techniques

Now what else is new…Uhh…I’ve had the opportunity to catch up with my Norse Mythology book. It’s got some incredibly interesting stories. I’ve enjoyed it thus far. It’s sparked an idea for another painting. One of the better stories I read about was how Odin got his Spear and Thor his Hammer. A very interesting story that lead to me wanting to do a painting of Loki.

Michael, brought up this Amazon Associate thing, and I looked into. I buy a lot of books from Amazon in varying fields and I figure, hey…maybe I can make some money from this and let people know which books I found successful. Today, I bring up “The Art of Open Season”. Now, you probably will not learn anything. Possibly the process an animated film goes through. This book, along with pretty much every Art of Book Sony has done for it’s 3D films has been great. I chose thise one though because I thought this movie was very underrated(and also I found it because one of the titles I could read from the couch). But sriously, it’s a great look inside the production of a film and I suggest you give it a gander. If you really like Movies(Animated ones in particular) I suggest taking a look for any “The Art Of” books. Currently I have ones for Monster House, Open Season, and The Incredibles. They’re great coffee table books. Big, colorful, enticing books. So give it a gander!

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