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I spent a majority of the week without any internet at home because my dad moved a bunch of stuff into the Garage probably blocking the signal. I got this fixed though. It wasn’t terribly cheap, sadly. Oh well. Anyway, I haven’t done too much painting. I have done some work on my woodcut, though which is good. It’s probably…55-65% done. My tools are becoming dull this makes it a bit more tedious. I think I am going to put my kelly painting on hold. I can’t do it. The teeth are such a pain in the ass to get right, I just keep messing it up. I am also tired of looking at it every day haha. I think I might need a smaller brush which I will have to wait until payday to get.

I have already begun planning for a big piece…probably too big, but whatever. That makes it fun right? I have a fresh roll of canvas that I have decided to use. It will be the first time stretching and preparing a canvas and doing it on such a big one…It will be interesting. Allow me to show you a sketch and explain it a bit to you.

So, here is the sketch done in Photoshop. You can see some of my composition lines that divide up the canvas. I am thinking this panting will be 6′ wide and 3.7′ tall…do that math, it’s in the Golden Ratio, oooooh. You can see some of the nice things, that foot follows one of the diagonals which is fairly pleasing. I might make the spear follow as well. Also, I may swap the turn of the Odin’s head and swap the birds. Basically you see him talking to the ravens.

The painting is of Odin. He is holding his spear in a comfortable(possibly even Christ-like ooooooh) pose. His spear, gungnir, is said to never miss a target. Odin overseas pretty much everything. He’s also a wanderer and a shapeshifter. In this painting, he will look younger. He has two Ravens: thought and memory, who are like his scouts. He talks to them to hear about what they have seen. The landscape you can see is taken from my house seen here:

Its just up the road to the stables above my house. It was a bit foggy, and I should have taken the pic horizontally, but oh well. You can see the oceaon so I hope to get my brother to pose for this in the near future on a clear day at dusk. He has some tattoos that will be interesting to try and paint. This will be my first crack at a landscape as well…so basically this painting could be a huge disaster. I hope to use a few of the premade canvas’ I have to maybe do some sketch paintings to practice.

So yeah once I get my paycheck I may begin constructing this beast and maybe begin constructing another beast. That will require some SERIOUS planning. Hopefully you will see it soon.


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Good news! I’ve finally updated the Gallery. Now it includes All of my Prints(that I deemed worth putting up), My Paintings, Sculptures/Installations, and some 3D animations as well. Finally. Only thing to maybe add is some Drawings or Illustrations. I have a couple that used to be up on the old version of the website that I could put up, but we shall see. It feels good to have that done. I’ve also been working on my woodcut some more, and if it keeps up, I will maybe even work on my Kelly Painting. I will probably do another big chunk of my woodcut now. Here I go!

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I have FINALLY gotten back to working on my Woodcut. This woodcut I planned and prepped for in May, and aimed to have it finished by the end of June. However, family issues and general laziness has postponed the woodcut greatly. I have managed to get moving on it again and I have been clearing out some of the larger parts of the white of the eye. The Last two or three nights I have just been working on the white of the eye(which is the largest amount of wood to remove). I still have a lot to do, but this part is less detailed and Im finding myself able to do some sizeable chunks at a time which is good. Still many intricate elements to do, though.

My painting of Kelly is growing on me. I need to do something about the teeth though. They are such a pain in the ass, but they MUST be done to finish the piece. I just have to grow some balls and do it.

I ordered two things this past week or 2 that im excited for. First I ordered a 5 disc dvd set about the human anatomy and drawing it without a model and such. I hope it will be good. But hey, 5 DVD’s for 50 bucks, that’s a good deal in my opinion. The other thing was a book on 3D math and Computational data. I’ve been wanting to get into 3D programming and such and this book should hopefully be a good primer. So far it’s just been a lot of talking about stuff I’m already familiar with(Vectors, Cartesian Coordinates, etc etc.) but hopefully it will get into some actual projects soon.

This weekend I hope to spend some time getting more of the gallery for this website up. Not that so many of you have been complaining about the lack of a complete gallery, but just ’cause. I don’t like it because the website then is only partially done.

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It’s begun. I can feel it happening. Suddenly, now separated from school and classes dedicated to painting and other “artsy” things, I am finding myself doing less and less art related things…this must be stopped. Perhaps tonight I will break open a premade canvas my brother gave me and just paint on it with little regard to what I am painting just to see how that goes and how it turns out and hopefully it may inspire me, who knows.

On another note, I got back last night from a short weekend in Vegas to visit family. I did manage to gamble for the first time as a 21 year old which was ok. I did get to hang out with my cousins which was pretty nice, and seeing my Grandparents was wonderful. My Grandmother is 91, and flew out from Tampa and immediately came down with Pneumonia and was in the hospital. Loretta Bays is a trooper though. She has encountered a lot of medical problems in recent years, to the point where doctors had pretty much had her written off as seeing her pass away soon. But, like a fighter, she’s proved them all wrong and came out some 3000 miles to see her children, her grandchildren, and he great grandchildren. She thankfully was out of the hospital on Saturday Night and my brother and I got to go see her and that was nice. Then before we left on Sunday our whole family(My mom[Loretta is her mother], Dad, My brother, and his two kids) visited and took pictures together.

Harry Butler(whom we all call Pumpy for reasons I don’t exactly know, but it’s just the way it is) is 90 years old, and honestly sharp as a tack. The man is still very much with it and still very witty and very funny. He is an avid rhythm guitar player, as well as banjo. And despite all the problems his wife has gone through, he is still in seemingly good spirits and has not changed in the 19-20 years that my memory allows me to remember him.

They have been married for 66 years I believe and have 3 daughters. Pumpy was often teased about having only girls, but at his 65th wedding anniversary was quick to point out that even though he has 3 daughters, he has 5 grandchildren, and 4 of them are boys, and (at the time) one great grandchild who also is a boy. He would later join his friends and played and sang some songs.

It was so nice to see them both.

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So, I’ve been working on a remake of the painting of Kelly my Peer student for a while now. Ever since I got the easel from Michael. It’s been going very slowly. The few who have seen both think it’s better than the previous take. I agree for some parts. Mainly I was concerned with the face which has been such a pain in the ass for me. I’ll leave it for you to decide.

This is the original

This is the remake.

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…unless putting down 11 beers last night is productive. Nothing new to the website really. I have managed to contnue to work on my kelly re-painting little by little. It’s mainly been painting the hair and face. I haven’t touched the rest of it in a month because it’s all pretty much where it needs to be. The face is progressing. I’ve gone ahead and put my Photoshop knowledge to use. Looking at the image, the face is so small it’s hard to try and match colors, you know? So I’ve brought the image into photoshop blew up the face region, and made big “swatches” on the image based off of specific areas(Shadow, Midtone Hightlight of the hair, skin, lips etc.). I think it has helped not only make the painting look better, but also help me with my color matching/mixing techniques

Now what else is new…Uhh…I’ve had the opportunity to catch up with my Norse Mythology book. It’s got some incredibly interesting stories. I’ve enjoyed it thus far. It’s sparked an idea for another painting. One of the better stories I read about was how Odin got his Spear and Thor his Hammer. A very interesting story that lead to me wanting to do a painting of Loki.

Michael, brought up this Amazon Associate thing, and I looked into. I buy a lot of books from Amazon in varying fields and I figure, hey…maybe I can make some money from this and let people know which books I found successful. Today, I bring up “The Art of Open Season”. Now, you probably will not learn anything. Possibly the process an animated film goes through. This book, along with pretty much every Art of Book Sony has done for it’s 3D films has been great. I chose thise one though because I thought this movie was very underrated(and also I found it because one of the titles I could read from the couch). But sriously, it’s a great look inside the production of a film and I suggest you give it a gander. If you really like Movies(Animated ones in particular) I suggest taking a look for any “The Art Of” books. Currently I have ones for Monster House, Open Season, and The Incredibles. They’re great coffee table books. Big, colorful, enticing books. So give it a gander!

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