So, I haven’t done too much on the site yet. I need to take pictures of my paintings and add those. I started briefly, will try to continue more tomorrow. But this past week I have been trying to put together the ideas and stuff for my paintings. The idea of Odin has been in my head for a while now. Odin is a shapeshifter as well. So while he normally has a long beard and floppy hat, he can look like anyone, but he only has one eye. I’ve been toying around with him being a younger man. I was thinking of having my brother pose for him, and my brother has a few tattoos on himself and I discovered The Valknut Symbol. Some have theorized Odin used this symbol to unbind a person’s mind to free him from the fears and tension of a battle. It means Slain Knot, because Val usually refers to slain warriors(Valhalla is heaven for warriors who died in battle, Valkyries were the women whod carry the warriors to Valhalla). So there’s a lot of theories on it. If I go with the idea I have in my head Odin would be carrying his spear, with the valknut tattooed on him wall conversing with his 2 ravens.

I’m a bit worried about using my brother, cause of the painting of him I have already. Not that I couldn’t use the same model multiple times, but…just that you could easily tell its him in them all. Maybe I will change his appearance a bit, I don’t know. All stuff I’m still playing around with. He may also be an integral part of another painting I have in mind. This one will be tough because I have to map the perspective from two different angles. And the preparation for that one is pretty damn tough, but it could be pretty sweet. A lot of people liked my self portrait piece. I have 1 or 2 more like that one as well to maybe become a series. Part of me only wants to do that once a year to kind of show my aging or something. But who knows, I might just do it again soon. Plust it’d be good practice to try and paint myself since I’m the easiest model to get a hold of right?

Having my brother around has been good because he’s very handy. He knows how to make and build things, and since i often have crazy ideas that involve multiple pieces and 3 dimensions I can ask for his input on how to maybe build it.

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