The transition to this website is almost complete. The Bio page is nearly done, the Gallery Page is getting there. Don’t know how I feel about the lightbox script, so I might switch to a PHP solution. We will see. I have my prints up(or at least the ones I want to put up). Tomorrow I will try to get my painting stuff and Sculpture ones as well. The issue with the paintings is that some of them are so big and cumbersome I don’t have a way to get a good picture. So I might have to just crop my facebook images…oh well.

Anyway, I’m moving forward. My Kelly painting is moving forward, but not fast enough. I really need to start a new piece…or I should go back to Josh and Brittaney’s painting actually…maybe I will tomorrow. I also did a little more work on my woodcut which also is inching along. I’m about 2 months late on it I think. Anywho, it’s not 2:40 AM, time for bed.

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